2MONTHLY DIALOGUES The Lekgotla Way, OUR HERITAGE:  We have marked the COMETSA 20th Anniversary Celebrations in 2017 with the launch of the monthly COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA NETWORKS. These take a form of presentations, dialogues, conversations, and questions & answers format facilitated by COMETSA Methodologists, Experts, Associates and Partners. In this fast changing world, it is impossible to remain at the required level of knowledge, expertise and information without formal and forums as part of continuous professional development. As a human capital development and management consulting company we see a need to coordinate and host such networks. Initially these Networks are hosted in Gauteng Province. In the near future we will make these Networks available across the country, in each Province.

Knowledge Creation – The society that is not creating new knowledge dies fast. The LEKGOTLA Methodology is the perfect way of creating new knowledge. The hosts, facilitators, co-facilitators, guest speakers, and participants collectively create the knowledge in the monthly LEKGOTLA. Each of these role players bring with them new perspectives that informs the LEKGOTLA.

Knowledge Consolidation – By hosting standing monthly LEKGOTLA we ensure that the knowledge created and acquired is consolidated. The participants are also inducted into life-long learning culture. It is for this reason that the participants only receive the COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA NETWORKS Certificate of Competence & Acceptance after attending six or more LEKGOTLA sessions per year. The participants are also introduced to the Ubuntu Practice of Sharing and Collective Learning. The Africans are known for passing knowledge and information from generation to generation via oral technique. The LEKGOTLA is a Methodology that creates the environment that is conducive for the consolidation of the knowledge and information to take place.

Knowledge Sharing – The LEKGOTLA is the learning community for the participants. By structuring a combination of the Main and Mini LEKGOTLAs we accelerate the sharing of the knowledge and information instantly. The first part of the LEKGOTLA shares the theme and its content through formal presentations. The guest speakers enrich the theme with the latest, researched, and bench-marked material. We are encouraging the participants and all the role players to appreciate the notion that one grows by sharing the knowledge and information. The more we share what we know with the others the more we become knowledgeable. That is growth of knowledge through application.

Knowledge Appreciation – The most important asset that human beings must always treasure is knowledge. It is risky not to have knowledge. Even not knowing what you do not know is dangerous. This is clearly defined in the Conscious Competence Learning Model

“Several claims of original authorship exist for the ‘conscious competence’ model’s specific terminology, definitions, structure, etc., as we recognize it today. The four stages of the Conscious Competence Learning Model are

  • Stage 1: Unconscious Incompetence (UI);
  • Stage 2: Conscious Incompetence (CI);
  • Stage 3: Conscious Competence; and
  • Stage 4: Unconscious Competence (UC)


Courtesy of Will Taylor, Chair, Department of Homeopathic Medicine, National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon, USA, March 2007

Knowledge Exchange – The individuals come into LEKGOTLA with own perspectives and knowledge from their previous and current base and/or organizations. The LEKGOTLA is the platform where they sharpen the knowledge by sharing with fellow participants. Through the knowledge exchange they enrich and expand their own capacity to deal with the complexities in their private and professional lives. They also acquire these for their own organizations and communities.

Knowledge Application – For any person to move from Conscious Competence (CC) to Unconscious Competence (UC) as explained in the above Conscious Competence Learning Model, they need a lot of practice. Applying their knowledge in and outside the LEKGOTLA they are growing the competence to the unconscious level. This takes them to the Master level of their skill. At COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA NETWORKS we want our LEKGOTLA participants to have reached Unconscious Competence level in the application of the COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA METHODOLOGY, and the relevant Themes that are discussed during the monthly sessions.

Knowledge Management – Having stated that Knowledge is every individual’s asset, each individual has the responsibility to attend regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes to be up to date with the trends and new standards. The COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA NETWORKS provides the CPD opportunity through the staging of the monthly LEKGOTLA. Hence, the COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA NETWORKS Certificate of Competence & Acceptance after attending six LEKGOTLA sessions each year. The other way of managing the knowledge is through the recommendation of books and professional literature on the themes from the LEKGOTLA. We also show videos from platforms like TED Talks, Youtube, etc.

Knowledge Preservation – It is COMETSA’s favoured practice to share the developments and information from LEKGOTLA with all those who attended the sessions, members of the NETWORK, and general public via Social Media platforms. Most of the documents generated are saved in the cloud. So, the preservation of the knowledge created is guaranteed. We also encourage the participants to be conscious of preserving their knowledge for the future generations, but also as their legacy. They are creating their own Life Story. That is why COMETSA makes sure that they all receive information from the LEKGOTLA they would have attended.

Growing Together – The participants in the PMS LEKGOTLA NETWORKS are becoming a learning family. This is a great phenomenon and we would like to grow this family of learners. This is the only way we are going to create a progressive, knowledgeable and intellectual society. For that reason, we envisage the LEKGOTLA sessions being spread across the whole of South Africa. The learning does not only happen during the LEKGOTLA. In fact the real learning happen out in the field, at their offices, families, and in the community as the participants apply and practice their new knowledge and skill acquired from the LEKGOTLA.