Cometsa GOC
Cometsa is an organization faced with a dynamic and expanding market, a highly competitive environment in which product innovation drives growth, and human capital investment drives business sustainability. For the company to compete effectively in a globally influenced environment, it is necessary we become more competitive and capable of behaving in a strategic fashion.
Sam Tsima Worldwide
It has come to my attention that not everyone is able to access this powerful holistic development tool, coaching. I am privileged as a coach to know how powerful coaching is in assisting people to attain their goals in life. Not everyone can afford face to face coaching programme that is designed and tailor-made for their needs. Not everyone knows what coaching is or has experienced its impact. So far, most people know coaching from sport perspective. They think that they do not need coaching in other aspects of their life.
Cometsa Development Agencies
Cometsa Development Agencies is made up of diversified agencies and enterprises. They are the Socio-Economic Development Arm of the Cometsa GoC International (Pty) Ltd, although they are independent and have independent Board of Directors. The administration is performed on a fee basis by Cometsa Shared Services. Each Agency produces its own financial reports. read more