The 2018 COMETSA PMS Lekgotla Networks Line-Up:

We are aware that most of you, the professionals, and your organizations are already putting together plans and populating your calendars for 2018. We want you to consider the opportunity to join our 2018 monthly series of COMETSA PMS Lekgotla Networks. It is a journey to greatness through shared learning. The series qualifies you as a COMETSA Lekgotla Expert Facilitator.

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The Lekgotla Way, OUR HERITAGE:
We have marked the COMETSA 20th Anniversary Celebrations in 2017 with the launch of the monthly COMETSA PMS LEKGOTLA NETWORKS. These take a form of presentations, dialogues, conversations, and questions & answers format facilitated by COMETSA Methodologists, Experts, Associates and Partners.
The Lekgotla Way, OUR HERITAGE:
We have various networks such as: PMS Youth Empowerment Network (YEN), PMS Global Talent Mobility Network (GTMN), PMS Development Agencies Network (DAN), PMS Economic Empowerment Network (EEN), PMS Entrepreneurship Development Network (EDN), PMS TRIAD Human Capital Network (THCN), PMS Women Empowerment Network (WEN), and many more.
The Origin
The Lekgotla Way, OUR HERITAGE:
The participants demonstrate the highest respect to fellow members of the LEKGOTLA. The participant who is on the floor is given full space to raise issues without being interrupted. Once all the participants have raised their issues and have been fully heard, the chairperson summarizes the inputs and a resolution is taken. People are also allowed to agree to disagree. This is the best South African export in management, leadership, negotiations and conflict resolutions to the world.

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The Process of the LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology
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Step 1 – Arrival & Registration:The COMETSA team has secured a standing venue for the monthly LEKGOTLA, with secured parking and welcoming amenities. The registration takes place inside the LEKGOTLA hall. There are welcome drinks. The environment, by the time the guests arrive is prepared and appealing. A soothing music is on, COMETSA branding is prepared, and the names of the guests with their details are ready. They are invited to come forward to COMETSA banner for collector’s item picture with COMETSA leadership and staff. The social media platforms are set.

Countdown to Our 21st Anniversary

1st August 2018!